What I Do

My passion is to help people create time and space in their lives to do the things they truly love. The collaborative process becomes much more than just clearing clutter and organizing a junk drawer. Through my work, I teach people how to find harmony in letting go of things that are holding them back, while embracing and honoring those belongings that tell their story and make them unique.


Lifestyle Management:

  • Professional Organizing
  • Complete Concierge
  • Personal Assistant
  • Errand Services
  • Event Planning
  • Project Management


Life at Home: 

What to Keep vs. What to Discard, Re-Purpose, Donate, or Sell Items, Down Size, Day to Day and Vacation Household Management

Life at Work: 

Maximize Space, Paper and Electronic File Management, Establish Systems, Orchestrate Office Space Search, Move, Furnish Space

Life with Kids:

Kids Room, Craft Room, Play Area, Music Room, Homework Area, Infuse Own Style in Space

Life at the Studio:

Create Space to Create Art, Clear Horizontal Surfaces, Find Flow with Left-Brained Activities, Devise Systems that Work Day to Day


Life Simplified: 

De-Clutter, Clear Space = Clear Head, Redefine Space to Reflect Self, Create Own Rules, Blend Beauty and Function

Life Journey: 

Coast to Coast Moves, Overseas Relocations, Down Size Life, Pack for College, Study Abroad, Volunteer/Mission Trips

Life Transitions: 

Births, Adoptions, Merge Households, Career Change, Empty Nest, Retirement, Explore Passions, Artistic Ventures

Life Events: 

Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Wedding, Holiday, Dinner Party, Family Celebration, Reunion, Fundraiser/Benefit

Life Day to Day:

Health and Well-Being, Diagnosis, Illness, Injury, Care-Giving (Children/Aging Parents), Divorce, Letting Go