“Beth is our family’s best-kept secret.  I hire her to take care of things I don’t have time to do myself.  She can do just about anything.  I call on Beth for many occasions – holidays, weddings, and moves.  I would recommend her to anyone.”

-Beatrice Clark, Artist + Stylist / Hair Proz Salon, www.hairprozsalon.com


“Beth is an expert at making your life easier.  Her logic, patience, dedication, and incredible organizational skills helped me survive a difficult move from my small city apartment.  I knew that if Beth were involved, I would have nothing to worry about.  From the overwhelming and arduous task of labeling and packing, to managing conflict arising with difficult movers, Beth tackled every issue head-on with grace and a smile.  She is truly a master at her craft.”

-Jennifer Minicucci, Director, Information Risk & Compliance /Patton Boggs LLP, in Washington, DC


“I have worked on many events, but I have never before been blessed with support in the caliber of Beth.  She anticipated every detail needed to make the preparations and actual event seamless, and took on a wide range of tasks beyond your average event planner.  Collaborating with Beth was efficient and energizing, and her follow through was 110% reliable, surpassing my highest expectations.  She was an absolute delight to work with, transforming the stress of our open house into a joy.  I give her my strongest recommendation.”

-Terese Pritschet, Yoga Instructor / St. Paul Yoga Center, www.stpaulyogacenter.com


“Beth is a lifesaver!  I hired her because my home projects had become overwhelming.  After several surgeries, I lacked the physical capacity to do it all myself.  One of the major benefits of working with Beth was getting rid of clutter, getting things out of the house and re-purposing nice things.  Another major benefit was seeing a space become useful and charming.  Beth is thorough, knowledgeable and makes doing a job fun.”

-Ginny Hawkins, Treasure Hunter / St. Louis Park, MN


“Beth has the gift of respectfully helping to get the job done – whatever the job may be, she has helped me with many, many projects throughout the years.  She is not afraid to get in there and make true progress, but also is intuitive and sensitive about the process.  Creative people have a tendency to accumulate items that they can re-work, re-build, re-purpose etc.  She is understanding of this and helps edit to create space in a non-judgmental manner that really is life changing.  Thanks Beth!”

-Micaela Clark, Professional Stylist + Jewelry Designer / Owner, Rare Bird Studios, www.rarebirdstudio.com


“Beth was a huge part of making my wedding a wonderful experience.  My husband and I worked for months planning our wedding and we figured out all the great details that were going to make the day special.  Then we realized, without someone taking charge the days before the wedding and the big day itself, we would be overwhelmed with the details and wouldn’t be able to enjoy our special day.  We asked Beth to take over and she did an amazing job.  She seamlessly took in all the details and organized everything.  She had great ideas – and made the whole experience so easy.  We were so lucky to have Beth as our wedding organizer!”

-Jessica Donohue, PhD., Senior Managing Director / Head of State Street Associates in Boston, MA


“The work that Beth has done is transformational.  I have found that as one part of my home gets organized, I am creating order in other parts of my home in a way that seems like an automatic extension of the peacefulness that I feel in the space that she has created with me.  I love that Beth re-purposes my furniture and belongings.  I am finding that though I don’t naturally create order in my living space, I am able to maintain it.  When I live without the chaos in my living space it translates into a deep peacefulness in my daily life.  What a natural flow!  How could I have lived without this transformation?”

-Ann McConville, Holistic Physical Therapist / Owner Nautilus Physical Therapy, www.nautiluspt.com


“Beth is a most fabulous organizer, task-master, and logical thinker.  She holds you to your goals of getting your life/home/office in order.  Beth is just what you need.  She will help you clean up your act in a very kind, gentle manner – in a most efficient way.  YOU will be amazed how quickly you can see your surfaces again… she is a wiz.”

-Nancy Chakrin, Photographer + Landscape Painter / Owner NRC Graphics, www.nancychakrin.com