Create Room for Life

Life is full of periods of transformation, transition and change. They may be anticipated or unexpected. Joyous or difficult. Brief or seemingly endless. The very act of reorganization itself can be a transition, clearing a path and making space for new possibilities.

At Lasso, we are passionate about these periods of possibility. About helping people create time and space in their lives to do the things they truly love. By teaching you how to find harmony in letting go of the things that hold you back at home, at the office, in the studio, or wherever you spend your days, we empower you to uncover a space where you can live with more intention.


Packaged Just for You
No two individuals are in the same place along their varied and winding journeys, which is why we offer three unique packages to meet you exactly where you are.


Who We Are
Empathetic to the ups and downs along the journey of reclaiming your space and time, we blend teaching moments, compassion, and a philosophy of sustainability into everything we do.






“Beth calls herself a modern day wrangler of time and space. I call her amazing. Her uncanny ability to get to the heart of your relationship with your stuff—and to then help you find harmony in and with it — is a true gift. If you would agree with the statement “I’ve never quite felt settled” or if you’re trying to figure out how to sift through a loved one’s decades’ worth of saved things, Beth will help you create solutions — and peace.”

Julie Kearns, Founder/Finder/Owner
Junket: Tossed and Found, Minneapolis, Minnesota