Beth’s zest for organizing spaces, mixed with an aesthetic for style, dates back to second grade when she begged her teacher to stay inside during recess to straighten the desks and clean the chalkboards.


Photo by Karen Carbone-Kraut, Kraut Photography

Since then Beth DeZiel has enjoyed good fortune with career choices that fed her love of details, including working as a youth advocate and special education teacher, bookseller and manager of a children’s toy store, waitress and caterer, volunteer manager and non-profit fundraiser, event planner and professional organizer.

No matter the job title, Beth is a pinch hitter and now busy people call on her for handling a myriad projects. Her clients attest that, as far as brains go, she’s got the best of both worlds…a perfect pairing of right-brain creativity and left-brain logic. This unique combination allows Beth to excel in the kinds of activities that often overwhelm even the most successful individuals.

Beth and her husband, Nick, live in the charming city of St. Paul, Minnesota where they indulge in urban hikes, experiment in the kitchen and brew their own beer.  Beth has a fondness for the word “thrifty,” HGTV, cobblestone streets, traveling to faraway lands, homemade pesto, prosecco, and all things orderly.