Live Amidst Intention

In the suddenness of life, Lasso helps people find order among chaos. That chaos may manifest itself where you live, work and thrive, but we understand it often goes much deeper than physical space. Unafraid to dig beneath the surface to bring grace and understanding to the seemingly routine, joyous, uncomfortable, and even painful transitions in life, we give you the tools you need to not only organize your space, but to live with intention from one moment to the next.




About Beth DeZiel

A calming voice in the uncertainty, Beth DeZiel blends her experiences as a special education teacher, event planner, and lover of all things ordered and purposeful to bring people back to the center. It’s a gift she first uncovered in the second grade when she skipped recess to organize her classroom. She has an innate ability to listen between the lines, anticipate needs and meet you where you are. As the founder of Lasso, Beth works directly with all our clients to emboldened them as they learn to focus in on what they love, giving them the strength to reclaim their space—physically, mentally and emotionally.

Philosophy of Stewardship and Sustainability

Proud board member of:

Making space often means letting go of things we no longer need. At Lasso, we believe in being good stewards of these things even when they are no longer ours, which is why we strive to make the process of letting go as eco-friendly as possible. As we move through your space, we’ll help uncover items that have served their purpose in your life. When we come across these items, we’ll do our level best to find them a new home where they can serve a renewed purpose with minimal impact on the environment.

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At Your Service
Designed to meet you where you are along your journey, our services can be tailored to bring more intention to your home, office or life as a whole.



“Beth has the gift of respectfully helping to get the job done. She is not afraid to get in there and make true progress, but also is intuitive and sensitive about the process. She is understanding and helps edit to create space in a non-judgmental manner that really is life changing.”

Micaela Clark, Professional Stylist/Jewelry Designer
Owner,, Minneapolis, Minnesota