Modern-day wrangler of time and space.

Professional Organizing that Goes Beyond "Stuff" to Create Possibilities

Weaving compassion, teachable moments, and sustainable practices into a holistic process, we help individuals make room for peace and possibilities in their space, their lives, and their work. Supported by this process and our founder, Beth DeZiel, our clients feel empowered to set themselves free from the things holding them back from what they truly love.

Who is Lasso?

Services to Set You Free
As we move through life, we often become encumbered by belongings. Some are laden with memories. Some are purely utilitarian. And some just become “stuff.” We work with our clients to sift through these souvenirs of our stories to help them make intentional decisions about what to let go of and how to organize what remains.

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A Transformative Journey
Our things hold a deeply personal place in our lives and understanding what to do with these things is a process. One that needs room to change and adapt as you move through it. This is why we take an earnestly collaborative approach that turns the organizational process into a journey.

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Sustainability through Stewardship
As we transition through different places in our lives, the things that once served a purpose for us often fall out of use. As good stewards of these things and of the planet, it is our responsibility to help them find new homes where their purposes can be renewed.

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“I’m SO thankful for [Lasso]. I felt lifted up and supported and hopeful for the first time in a long time. It’s so strange how the house can bring me down so low and overwhelm me, yet the opposite is true after [their] intuitive touch. Even those feelings of wanting to redo everything and move lessen after [their] visits!”

– Wendy Chao
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“We’ve never loved our house more. Thanks so much for bringing order to the chaos on our third floor. Lasso even fixed broken items and recycled or donated what was no longer needed and did it all in a stress free manner. Brilliant work!”

– Andrew Gaspard Owner
Skylark Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners
Saint Paul, Minnesota

“Beth provided hands-on guidance that assisted two key managers in setting up a process of record keeping and tracking that was very disorganized. She was easy to work with, came prepared to work and had an immediate grasp of what was needed and how to impart her organizational skills to others. We will utilize her services again in the near future.”

– Linda DeRosa
Incertec LLC
Fridley, Minnesota

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